Romance in Ireland during The Great Hunger

I just finished reading A Pocket Full of Shells by Jean Reinhardt and was left wanting to learn more about the tough times in Ireland back in the 1800’s. The novel is an Irish romance and begins in the second year of The Great Hunger when a baby girl is born to a young fisherman and his wife. While many family and friends are emigrating to find work and food, the couple decides to stay with their heritage and their home. The Great Hunger is very hard on those who stay and as they are plagued with hunger and dangerous times. The young man makes the tough decision to go away to earn enough for his wife and child to survive. He travels by ship where people weakened by hunger often become ill and die. When they arrive, the young man finds himself ill and struggles to gain back his strength.

I was surprised and saddened by what these people had to go through to survive. My heart ached for each of them as the story unfolded yet I could not put the book down until the very end.  I highly recommend this novel to anybody who loves reading history fiction.

Suspense and mystery!!

I’ve been reading again and I’m really enjoying it.  Here is one of the books I’ve recently read:

veiled-mistVeiled Mist by Eleanor T Beaty is a great supernatural novel full of suspense and mystery.

It’s based on the small Carribean Island of Maurray with two dramatically different societies… The *very* rich and the *very* poor. About a week before her sixteenth birthday, the main character, Hanna begins to experience very unusual dreams that seemed too real to not be true. At that same time in Budapest, Hungary, Ornella watches as one of the dots on her magic map turns from yellow to pink to yellow again. The old gypsy looks on in confusion and moves the dot aside to find it’s location. she becomes very excited when she realizes what this means and she quickly packs and tells The Count (her companion) that she is going to the hospital quickly and then they must leave.

Once they arrive on the Island of Maurray, Ornella and The Count encounter all sorts of problems as they discover that Hanna is not who they thought she should be.

This novel kept me so intrigued that I could not put it down. I would love to read more of Ornella, The Count and Hanna’s adventures.

I highly recommend this novel to anybody who loves a good supernatural mystery.

Busy days

Okay, okay… I know. I say I’m going to post regularly and then I don’t. But in my defense, I’ve had a super lot going on lately. Our second car was on the verge of dying, so we traded it in for a “new” one. I was SO excited. But on the day we were to pick it up, I was in a car accident (the other guy’s fault, sheesh). It was a pretty serious one… but thankfully, it was only me and my kitty, Nyx, in the car, and we weren’t seriously hurt. The front end was totally pushed in (the license plate even tore), and the airbags deployed, so sadly, it’s a write off. All the excitement I had for the new car was instantly replaced with a fear of driving. That was three weeks ago… and we’ve since purchased a replacement car (not nearly as nice as the “old” one). But everyday I am thankful that I’m only suffering whiplash and not broken bones or worse. More importantly, I’m just so thankful that the kids weren’t in the car because I worry that they would have been seriously hurt, and I couldn’t bear that.


Hugs all!

An Everyday

It’s an everyday today, like it was yesterday and like it will be tomorrow. Some days have big milestones, others little, and yet others, none at all.

If you’re new to my blog, you’ll see the everyday in my posts because I’m trying to stay real. I’ve got some really fun things on the horizon, and I’l be writing about those, too. Want to get an idea of what might be coming?!

Well, coming up first is repainting and moving furniture around in the living and dining room. I’m super excited about this project! I wish, wish, wish I had taken a “before” picture… it would have been quite the scene, I’ll tell you. Kids’ things were everywhere! I’m repainting and moving everything around to make the room more homey, more grown-up. So I’ve asked my friend, Jen (who I *just* found out is an interior designer by trade), to help with the painting project and moving things around. We’ve already had fun picking paint colors and moving furniture around… thanks, Jen!!

The next thing on my list of projects is to sign up as a member at Once a Month Mom (OAMM). What’s this, you wonder? Well, in all my web surfing, I found a fine group of ladies that puts together monthly freezer/cooking menu plans with well thought-out recipes, shopping lists, instructions, and freezer labels. I’m super-stoked about this because we’re just so-so-so busy, I need help with planning healthy daily meals for a family on the go-go-go! Once a Month Mom does the planning, and I just have to do the shopping and prep work… and then our whole family can enjoy the rewards of yummy, healthy meals.

Wow, right?! Yep, I’ve got a lot going on, and I’m so thrilled to get started on it. I can’t wait to share details as they happen!